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From Poland to Greece with Projekt Arbus Pt.2

With one other stop for a night, we finally reached our destination - Athens. Found an awesome camping not too far from the city with a swimming pool and massive bathroom.

All of us took a train to the center and went to the Acropolis first. The deal was, if you're a student, you get in for free, if not, you pay €20. €20 seemed a bit much considering how little we've been spending so far. We kind of knew no one will check properly student cards with such a big group so we gathered whatever expired cards we had and gave them to the guy, he might have looked at two of them and let all of us in for free. Scam of a lifetime.

Later in the evening, we climbed up the rocks in front of the Acropolis and admired this ancient beauty.

Most of our companions were tired so they went back to the camp, me and two girls stayed in the city and started looking for a place to dance. We couldn't find anything but at some point, we heard music and followed it to a small bar where two girls were dancing by the window, we joined them and had a wonderful time.

We agreed to stay 2 nights in Athens so we could all enjoy some booze and chill time.

I spent most of that day by the swimming pool just making my best friend laugh.

We went back to the city in the evening to have dinner and walk around a little more.

Athens is a beautiful place but to be honest you don't need more than a couple of days to see everything.

That day two of our lovely girls had to fly back to Poland and in exchange one crazy guy joined us.

We didn't have any more actual stops ahead of us on the way back to Poland, and we didn't have to rush anywhere.

Next night we spent on the eastern side of Greece, by North Euboean Gulf, it was the most random place but so so nice. We sat around a fire and exchanged stories to make our newcomer feel welcomed and help him get to know us a little.

Most of us slept on the beach.

At midday sharp we got ready and hit the road again towards Meteora. Stunning place...

Meteora is a religious place with a few monasteries on steep rocks. It looked breathtaking with the views behind them.

Macedonia was next on our way, just because we were close to it I guess.

We stayed in bushes that night close to lake Ohrid.

Woken up by goats again got ready quickly and went to a town called Struga. Couldn't find much to do there, we got back to the cars and drove to Albania. On the border, in line before us, there was another Volkswagen T3, we told them about our plans to get to the beach and camp there, we gave them rough directions in case they wanted to join.

It was probably the weirdest night on this trip.

So we got to the beach very late, found this sandy place which looked like a low tide that happened a while back, couldn't see much in the dark but we drove deep into that beach and stopped in the middle of it.

At some point our eating and drinking party got interrupted by a couple of local guys, they came out of nowhere. We thought they want to have a fight with us or something but they brought alcohol to share. The issue was they couldn't speak English so we had no idea what they wanted from us. After a little bit, a car arrived with a couple more dudes and they brought more alcohol and one of them spoke English. I think they just wanted to make some foreign friends. They stayed a little bit and left. It freaked us out a little so the next day we left that beach and moved on to another one. It just seemed super weird that they came, brought booze, didn't speak much to us, just hanged in the corner and left.

When we got up we noticed we were still far away from the sea, on top of that it was a low tide, also there was only one shower with salty water and one shitty toilet and no 'natural bathroom' around. There was no point in staying there any longer.

Next beach we found was close to Fort Bashtove, road leading to the beach was the worst I've ever seen. The beach wasn't too bad and we found a nice and quiet place to sleep.

One of the guys was teaching us acro yoga and we had a lot of fun falling down.

We drove through Montenegro, just stopped for one night, close to a crowded beach.

Wanted to get to Croatia as soon as possible and see some more of that country.

Because we loved abandoned hotels in Kupari so much, we decided to stay there again.

Being smarter this time we went to a different car park, close to the hotels of course.

Police didn't visit us this time.

A few of us wanted to explore another hotel so we climbed up the closest one to us and slept on top of it.

The next day we mostly just chilled and enjoyed the sunshine. Left around 7pm just to get back on the road. That night we spent on the side of the road, in between Stanici and Celina.

Zadar and it's Sea Organ was next for us to see. It's an architectural instrument. Waves make it sound like someone is playing the organ.

After this pleasant afternoon, we went to Island Pag. It's a very strange place, with nothing around you, just small rocks lying everywhere.

We set our camp at the end of the island, in the middle of nowhere.

It was probably the first evening which we spent all together as there was nothing else to do and it was great! We played this game called Flanki which everyone who's ever been to Polish Woodstock knows. It's a game that combines drinking, running, and throwing a ball (in our case a rock), whichever group drinks their beers first wins the game. It's awesome and my group won of course!

Later we played a card game called Mafia and it was so wonderful.

Zagreb was next on our itinerary. We went to see the city and most of our group spent the night at a friend's place. I slept on top of the car at a car park, in the middle of the city, I'm surprised no one called the police. It kind of looked like we were camping there.

The very last night we spent at the same place as the first one, Lake Balaton in Hungary.

We were smarter this time and didn't make that much noise. We took our tents far away from the cars and slept close to the lake. No one snitched on us this time.

We arrived in Poland on the 31st of August, after 26 days of being on the road.

Traveling like this can be hard, especially when you're driving hundreds of kilometers without longer stops and no airconditioning with +30 degrees outside with 5 other people inside the car.

Most of the time you don't have access to showers or toilets so you have to improvise.

If you don't get along with people you're in the car with, you're screwed. We didn't have that situation, we all loved each other.

It was all magical and fun and amazing and I wouldn't change the tiniest bit of it.

I'm full of hope that one day we will gather together, maybe in a smaller group, and hit the road again.

If you want to see more videos check out YouTube @ Projekt Arbus

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