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Oslo, Norway

I visited Oslo in May 2018 with my boyfriend back then. It was a perfect place to see in a couple of days. The city has a lot of museums to offer and we've done our research prior to the trip and found out about Oslo Pass, it costs around £56 for 48 hours and it gives you free entry to many museums and attractions, you also get unlimited travel with public transport.

So we used it a lot! I think we've seen all of the most important spots in 2 days and to be honest, we did it quite fast and at the end of the last day, there was nothing else for us to see. At least nothing else we wanted to see.

Our Saturday started with Frogner Park and The Vigeland Park, simply because those were the closest places from our Airbnb. We went to the museum first to understand the story behind Gustav Vigeland's sculptures. I was impressed. Artwork both in Museum and in the park was so different and weird, I really loved it.

Inside the park there's also located Oslo City Museum where we had a pleasure to meet two lovely Norwegian Ladies, they told us a little about the history of the place and we just chatted about our countries for a while. Completely random!

Then we chose the furthest point from us and visited Holmenkollen Ski Museum which has a great view of Oslo and its surroundings.

Munch Museum was under renovation or something so we had to skip it.

Next was the Viking Ship Museum. I was excited to see this place but left a little disappointed. Probably I misunderstood the name and thought there will be more than just ships, unfortunately for me, it was just ships and maybe a couple of other things that didn't interest me much.

Located close to Viking Ship Museum is The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. And I enjoyed this one a lot. It's an open-air museum with lots of old houses, buildings and even a petrol station. It was a very nice walk and the weather was spoiling us.

Finally, something I was waiting for, Astrup Fearnley Moder Art Museum. I was excited to see it and it met my expectations. The exhibition we saw was a group of sculptures which looked like they were made of recycling, it was creepy and funny, and most of all interesting.

The best part of this trip was the Nobel Peace Center which was recommended to us by one of our friends. I was very skeptical about this place as I assumed it will be about the Nobel Prize. I was so wrong! It's just a museum which holds temporary exhibitions and we were very lucky to see Generation Wealth by Lauren Greenfield. I couldn't stop reading the captions and I hate reading those in museums. The exhibition was about materialism in the modern world, about people obsessed with wealth in the United States, Dubai, Ireland, Moscow, Beijing, and Reykjavik. She showed it through photographs and films. We liked it so much, we went there twice.

There were few other places that we've seen like Akershus Fortress, Opera House, Radhuset, Aker Brygger, and a couple more, all from the outside.

We mainly just walked around and enjoyed the city.

Forgive me lack of chronological order of events, it just makes sense to put all of the attractions this way.

Oslo is definitely a cool city, you don't need a lot of days to see it so it makes a perfect weekend trip, unless you want to explore further then go for it! Bear in mind it's very expensive, especially restaurants so having an Airbnb is the best option if you don't have a huge budget for food. Plus our Airbnb was very cheap, we only rented one room, not the whole place but it was perfectly fine for us.

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