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Hey, Hi, Hello!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

It’s 7th day of my mandatory home quarantine. What a time to be alive!

My name is Kate and this blog is a pile of short stories from my life.

This year started quite well for me. On 27th of December 2019 my boyfriend and I went on a cruise in the Caribbean, spent New Year's Eve on a ship. In my country a lot of people believe that whatever you do on New Year’s Eve, your whole year will be like that. So I was super pumped for all the travels I was suppose to do in 2020. I got busy with work right after we came back, had few interesting meetings, everything was going pretty well until...

Coronavirus. Pandemic. It all began in China, my boyfriend was trying to warn me about this from mid January but I was laughing at him, and who’s laughing now ;(

He was right, it spread so quickly most people didn’t realise how serious it was and now a lot of people passed away and every day there’s more and more people getting infected.

So this is why we packed our whole flat and moved back to Poland until this shit show ends. Goodbye London! For now at least.

And this is why I decided to start writing a travel blog, dreaming of my past trips and planning next adventures when I’m allowed to fly again. For now, the garden will do!

I’ve been thinking about combining all my journeys and photographs (quite a lot of them) in one place, other than Instagram, and just keeping my stories safe.

Just so you know, I have a very bad memory, this is why I need this. On most of my big trips I’ve been writing down what happened every day, but some of them I did on my laptop, some on the phone and a few times in a notebook. It’s a mess and that’s how I roll.

It’s better to have them all together I think.

Quick thing about me...

My very first trip happened when I was 5 or 6 years old, so around 1998. A year before, some people knocked to our door, they were French and didn’t speak a word in Polish. Finally my grandpa figured it must be his French cousin. They stayed a little bit with us, my family showed them around and they invited us to visit them in North of France.

So my Dad started learning French and around a year after we packed ourselves in a small Skoda and drove 1800km to Boulogne-sur-Mer. No GPS, just oldschool map, my Mum was navigating and she did a pretty good job!

Don’t remember much but I know that’s how my love to traveling started.

Since that time we haven’t done many travels abroad, my parents started building a house so money was tight, but we did a few trips to Slovakia, many places in Southern Poland and for my 18th birthday I finally got what I’ve been dreaming for so long. I went on a photography trip to see castles near river Loire and Paris. It was amazing!

Few years after that I moved to London for Uni and stayed there until now.

The world has changed and as someone said ‘It is not a privilege to travel anymore, it is our right’.

So I began to do small trips and then bigger ones and haven’t stopped yet, hopefully never will...

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